..said no one ever… well you may be surprised that we were recently approached by a parent who was worried that yoga may be harmful to young bodies.

So I thought it would be a good opportunity to put the record straight.

Basically – Bones grow, muscles catch up. Adolescents can grow up to 11 cm in a year, sometimes more. During this time, it takes a while for the muscles to catch up and stretch to fit the muscle. This can also play havoc with  ligaments, joints and posture.  Which in turn can cause pain and suffering. At the same time, hormones play a critical role in also in the mood and way in which the development takes place.

So yes, a lot is going on with the body on a purely anatomical level. It is my personal understanding, based on several pieces of evidence and research as well as personal accounts, that yoga positively supports growth.

The main components of a teenyoga class are: stretching our muscles, stabilising our joints through balancing postures, and coming into alignment, to perfect our posture as well as deeply relaxing our bodies.

Never is there a time more critical than during adolescence, when these aspects are so important for healthy and painless growth.

So, in summary, I would say that yoga is the perfect tool for adolescent bodies, to enhance and support healthy growth. Moreover there is overwhelming evidence pointing at the fact that yoga also balances hormones production in the body, which supports a healthy transition from childhood to adulthood.

Given the evidence, yoga is in fact the perfect tool for young people and should be mandatory to develop strong bones, flexible muscles and stable joints to ensure a healthy adulthood.

2 thoughts on “Yoga is dangerous for young bodies

  • Yes. There is no evidence or reports of harmful effects in children. In certain pediatric units in India yoga is taught to children who are under 3 years of age. The children enjoy it. After all children are more flexible. However they should not attempt postures like the headstand – definitely not!

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