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We are always keen to work with schools on new bespoke opportunities and look forward to discussing these to understand your requirements and needs.

Here are some simple examples of services that we offer


Daily or weekly sessions to suit the children and staff


  • Weekly Yoga in school timetable: PE, PSHE, Citizenship, RE
  • Wellness & Activities days for whole school – ½ or full day
  • Exam preparation – mindfulness & calm classes
  • Sixth form classes
  • CAMHS support & early intervention
  • Yoga Camps during holidays
  • Yoga retreats


  • Weekly Yoga in timetable: PE or topic related lessons
  • Wellness & Activities days for whole school – ½ or full day
  • Yr 6 Yoga for SAT preparation – mindfulness & calm classes
  • Yr 6 Yoga for transition to secondary school – summer term
  • Holiday projects & Family Yoga


  • After School classes
  • Inset days
  • Teacher Retreats
  • CPD


We provide well qualified and experienced teachers with experience of vulnerable learners and special education.


We have worked with many different groups including:

  • Scouting & Girl Guides – one off classes / badge work for Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Young Farmers
  • Foster carers
  • Autism groups
  • Youth London (youth workers)


We appreciate that budget planning is a tough balancing act and finding the additional funds for new activities and classes can be problematic.

Flexible options

We operate a number of invoicing options and early payment discounts.

We always want to be flexible and help make incorporating a new provider as easy as possible work for each school and setting.

“Schools are voting with their feet, yoga and mindfulness fulfil recent OFSTED criteria for mental health support for both staff and students as well as offering SMSC value. An affordable and effective intervention that ticks all the boxes.”

~ Charlotta Martinus, Founder of Teen Yoga

School Sports Premium which you can read about here.

This funding doubled for 2017/18 & 2018/19 and continues for 2021 & 2022. Yoga-related teaching for children and training for staff is a highly appropriate application of this funding stream.

Planning, Preparation and Assessment time.

The budget which would pay to provide PPA is used to deliver many aspects of the curriculum through yoga in many schools.

Funding and grant applications.

Please do contact us and discuss any local opportunities, as we have helped many schools increase their funding through successful grant applications.

Pupil Premium is often used to fund these programmes.

Community interest statement

We declare that the company will carry on its activities for the benefit of the community, or a section of the community.

We are dedicated to…

Advancing the key practices of yoga to promote clear minds, healthy bodies and thriving lives throughout the school curriculum and workplace.

  • Students and pupils aged 2 to 19 years
  • Staff and teachers in the community of individual or grouped state mainstream or special schools in the UK
  • Key partners to the school community such as parents and voluntary agencies

“Yoga combats most of our current issues facing young people such as anxietyobesitylow moodlack of concentration and focus, as well as bullying and anti-social behaviour.

~ Charlotta Martinus, Founder of Teen Yoga


Our main mission is to….

Promote the well-being of young people through the practice of yoga in schools

We do this through a range of activities

Promotional Activities

Shared Spaces and Resources
Solidarity Work

“The aim is to bring all these activities together under one umbrella to make the most of synergies and ensure that all the efforts made to promote young people’s well-being through yoga are coordinated and working in the same direction.”

~ Charlotta Martinus, Founder of Teen Yoga

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