If, with your religion, your aim is to deepen your relationship with God, then this will unfold  in a pace with you getting to know yourself. The way I see yoga, other than making your body feel more soft and flexible, is that it will also soften up the tensions between the body and the soul and take you to a place of a better balance, closer to yourself.   This is what we need in order to come closer to God, other people and the everything else. I don’t see it as a way to come to perfection, which may be a criticism from the Christian perspective, where we talk in terms of grace and faith.  All kinds of self development can be transmuted into an ego-project, but that has nothing to do with its roots or practise, but rather has to do with the intention. You can practise yoga to deepen your relationship with yourself and your higher power, whether you are Christian, Hindu or a Buddhist.

Minister Magnus Persson, Ystad Parish, Sweden

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