Who does yoga suit?

Yoga can be an excellent physical activity for 

1. The super sporty, helping them with their sport, recovery and release

2. For the obese, moving the body slowly and carefully, starting a physical practise

3. For disengaged girls (using Yoga Nidra and Partner work, it becomes a fun, non-competitive way of moving the girls around)

4. For boys (when the boys grow, their muscles often do not grow as fast as their bones, which means their ligaments and muscles are all really tight, causing many diseases, such as Osgood Schlatters and more insidious tightnesses all over the body. Yoga helps alleviate this)

5. For those in pain (the breathing exercises and gentle release are similar to those given by physiotherapists and will alleviate long term pain)

6. For those who do not enjoy competitive team sports this is a wonderful alternative which can be taken to any level

Learn more about how to differentiate a class with these groups in mind and also how to gain access to these teens by taking our training course.


(from the upcoming book by Charlotta Martinus, all copyright reserved)