Coming to the end of Lockdown and of what feels like a year of isolation for many, will be a big moment for most young people. When we are young, our natural tendency is to seek company and role models, breaking with old structures, trying out risky behaviours and finding out what works to shape our adult persona. This first real day of Spring, today, will be a joyous moment of sharing space together, sitting in parks, going for walks in the sunshine.


The preciousness of being physically close with our friends even though we still can’t touch or hug, far outweighs having online contact, in terms of actually sensing the heartbeat of the other person and picking up on the hormones that their body exudes. It is well documented that women coming together raises oxytocin levels, the feel-good hormone, in our blood.


The Emerging Minds report on mental health among young people shows that for a certain group of young people the lockdown saw a rise in happiness, due to the lack of pressure from the school environment and increased appreciation of small pleasures and I do hope that this is something that we can act on going forward in terms of making schools less stressful environments.