Thought for the day 23rd January 2021

With eternal rain, wind and dreary, cold days, it is easy to understand why some of us feel “under the weather”.  In yoga we tune into Nature’s rhythms; time of day, the weather, the season, our monthly cycle and our age. All this informs us how to behave, whether we should be energetic or passive, what we should eat, how we should exercise and even which breathing exercises are best.  A cold, damp January is an invitation to hibernate, there are times in the year when the concept of hibernation would seem ridiculous, but right now, by hibernating, being still with ourselves, we shore up the necessary energy for the spring which is just around the corner, if you look, you will see daffodils and snowdrops starting to pop up in the ground. So, take this opportunity and change the way you see the weather and let it be a time for introspection and slowing down, which will benefit both your immune system and your relationships. We think that the outer world influences us, but the place we live in is between our ears, let’s make it a beautiful place to be!