Sport England have funded 1 in 7 active graduates of Teenyoga, either by paying for the course or by grants for teaching yoga classes to young people.

However, this is changing. Sportivate was a fund set up after the Olympic Games running for 6 years, to support more interest in sport among young people in England.

2017 sees the end of the Sportivate funding. Last week, I had a meeting with several managers of Sport England. It is clear, that although the funding has come to an end in half of the regions, there is still some funding for Year 7 in 27 regions. These applications need to be in by around the 17th of February.

“In my opinion, all schools should offer yoga” Says John Merne, regional director of Sport England.  He also suggested that yoga was one of the “sports” that Sport England was particularly interested in supporting in this last year which was focussing on as many inactive young people as possible (70% as opposed to 47%). When yr 7 funding runs out, there will be a re-shuffle within Sport England, delivering different kinds of funding strategies and opportunities.

The Sports managers at your local council, will be able to support your applications for money and co-author any applications to Sport England.

New, more exact directives are due to come out of Sport England shortly and will be outlined in a blog here.

In the meantime, good luck with your application and remember if you find the application form complicated, feel free to ask your SPortivate Officer for a hand.