“Amazing how much we have covered and shared, feel like I’ve known classmates for ages and feel ready to fly the nest. Lovely to know of the on-going support and community.”

Laura Hendry, London course June 2018

“Charlotta is excellent. She is very knowledgeable and really inspiring in her clarity of purpose and vision in improving young people’s lives through yoga. Very credible, positive and approachable. I strongly feel this course is just the start of a new and vital path for my yoga. Thank you.” 

Liz Sheridan, London course June 2018

“Outstanding delivery. A comprehensive and illuminating course. Thank you!” 

Amy Vaughan, London course June 2018

“I feel very inspired & confident now to go out there and teach yoga to teens. Charlotta is a really inspiring teacher.”

Helene Fauquet, London course June 2018
“Thank you a lot for the inspiration, warmth, knowledge and (very important) laughs this weekend! I loved to learn, hear, share and experience about the teens! Thanks for more insight in this learning”
Nienke Bowen, Barcelona Foundation course June 2018

“I have built two successful Teen classes over the past year in Gloucestershire and have loved every part of the journey alongside full-time work. Your course and the teen yoga community has had such a huge impact on my life and this is the first time in my life I have felt completely fulfilled by what I am doing!! Thank you!!”

Chelsea Baker, 2018
“Thank you so much for an incredibly inspiring weekend. I am really glad I made the effort to go to Barcelona, it was so worth it! My head was buzzing on the way back, in a good way, with all the ideas and information you gave us. I appreciate anyone can pretty easily just teach a few postures, but the way you suggest to implement the course is so much deeper.
It was such a beautiful atmosphere created in the studio over the weekend, and so interesting to hear the different stories of where people are and where they’re going. I will certainly keep in touch and keep an eye out for your training courses.”
Gemma, Barcelona Foundation course June 2018

“I just wanted to say once more, how much I enjoyed the course over the last five days and how excited I am to be part of something big and so beneficial. I feel honoured to be involved and you are an inspiration, so thank you so much!”

Faye, London course June 2018

“A comprehensive and technically proficient course, delivered with patience, empathy and realness – all set in a warm, inclusive environment where you can be fully immersed in yoga practice and all its forms. This course is a worthy investment whether or not your goal is to teach teens, the personal learnings are immense.”

Jemima House, Orgiva Spain April 2018

“This course has filled me with inspiration and I feel equipped to start sharing the benefits of yoga to teens and young adults. Charlotta is a fountain of knowledge and truly inspirational. This course has been fantastic and I would highly recommend it.”

Cordelia McLeod, Orgiva Spain April 2018
Jacqueline Sloss, Orgiva Spain April 2018

“Really great practical course. I feel confident at planning and delivering yoga to young people and excited to get started!”

Anouska Kent, Orgiva Spain April 2018

“I enjoyed the course and it has inspired me to learn more as well as enabled and empowered me to use yoga to support and empower my students at college. Thank you.”

Manchester course February 2018

“The course has been totally engaging and enjoyable. I love the theory and evidence base as well as the practice elements of the course. Charlotta is totally yoga practice centred and very inspirational.”

Janine Day, Manchester course February 2018

“Incredibly useful for anyone working with teens. It helps to change the focus of yoga with different ages and also our perception of teens in the direction of understanding this transformational time of their life.”

Louise Anderson, Manchester course February 2018

“This has been a fantastic course, enabling me to combine my teaching skills & joy of working with teenagers with my own yoga practice. I am very excited to see how I can marry the two in the future!”

Belinda Brown, Manchester course February 2018

“Excellent, lovely warm vibe. Very knowledgeable about so many areas!”

Manchester course, February 2018
Still processing and assimilating the wonderful experience with you and the group. Each day brings greater clarity and meaning, I can’t thank you enough.
Margaret Davies School Teacher 2014
This is a life changing course… if you have any interest in helping the youth of today become balanced adults of tomorrow do this course!
DC Samantha Hare Metropolitan Police May 2011