Thanks so much. Loved this course – such a great diverse range of students, Charlotta is amazing – in fact you all are. Thank you for putting this all together.

Andrea Fletcher, New Zealand, Online course, September 2019

I found Charlotta and the course completely inspiring. Time was allowed to consolidate what we covered and opportunity given to be totally relevant to each individual’s situation. 

Nicky Walsh, London course, June 2019

This course has shown me even more the importance of yoga for teens. Psychologically, sociologically and physiologically.

Jolanda, London course, June 2019

Thoroughly enjoyed 5 days packed with learning. I’m leaving feeling equipped to start teaching teenagers and so happy to have connected with all the other amazing people on the course.

Louise Nimmo, London course, June 2019

This is the calmest and most focussed I have seen the class all year! I wish I had started teaching them yoga earlier. They loved the class. I felt very moved and proud of them all. I found the experience liberating and inspiring; I can’t wait to teach more teen yoga classes. Thank you for teaching me the skills to share with teens. 

Kellie McLoughlin, Online course, May 2019

I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed and taken on a lot from this course.
I have been delighted to find, during this course, many examples of good teaching: excellent
choice of topics, good quality materials (written and video), a variety of engaging activities, opportunities for reflection and discussion, individual and team work, presentations.. and constant encouragement and very supportive tutorials. So, a massive thank to you, Charlotta.
I am very glad I join this community of enthusiastic yogis and I’m proud now to be part of TeenYoga Foundation and a community of yoga teachers. 

Ramon Oblanca-Rojo, Online course, May 2019
Thank you so much for these wonderful course days , the detail and beautiful practices are inspiring. I feel transformed and am humbled by your energy and knowledge and your dharma to share it. Thanks so much.
Amanda Lutchford, London course, June 2019

I am so glad I finally signed up for the course after thinking about it for so long. It has been fantastic, I have learned so much. I feel it has really consolidated some of my prior learning, has given me the confidence and enthusiasm to delve deeper into other areas I might have shied away from before and introduced me to a wealth of new knowledge which will stand me in good stead for the future. 
I am particularly pleased I chose the longer, online course. It has encouraged and allowed me the time to research important areas in more detail and enhance my knowledge enormously.
You have been incredibly encouraging tutor and it has been fantastic to be able to discuss issues with you. I think this is a hugely valuable offering from teen yoga. 

Nicola, Online course, May 2019

I just wanted to take this opportunity also to thank you for putting together such an amazing course. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel I have learnt so so much! You have a fantastic team of people supporting you but the love, care and dedication you put into this course shines through. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us. 

Isabel Peralta, Online course, May 2019

I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up. I spent ages trying to fit my life around getting to the face to face training and I now believe this was by far the better option for me. I never imagined I’d have the level of access to Charlotte and her team to the extent that we have. Other yoga teachers should take note!

Julie Platten, Online course May 2019

A really awesome course. I’m leaving really inspired and motivated to take teaching teens forward. The work that Charlotta is doing in incredible and her knowledge and drive are both amazing and really inspiring.

Sian Evans, Manchester course, February 2019

Charlotta’s enthusiasm and passion delivering this course and her work with young people has really inspired me to want to do more for the young people who I work with.

Cat Reynolds, Manchester course, February 2019

An amazing, exciting and forward thinking course. Charlotta is a wonderful human.

Emma Sinfield, Manchester course, February 2019

This week has been a truly fantastic experience! Meeting Charlotta who is lovely and has the most incredible wealth of knowledge and experience has been great. Also spending time with a beautiful group of people made this course one of the best courses I have attended. Thank you!

Ellie Thomas, Manchester course, February 2019

A very enlightening, thorough course that has given me a deep insight into what needs to be considered when teaching yoga and mindfulness to adolescents. I would highly recommend this to anyone thinking about working with teenagers.

Dani Pemberton, Manchester course, February 2019

I feel really inspired and now have found my path of where to reach and to whom.

Karen Lewis, Manchester course, February 2019

This course has given me the tools, the ideas, the community and the knowledge to confidently teach yoga and mindfulness to young people. Charlotta was friendly, knowledgeable, patient and informative and delivered some lovely yoga classes too!

Sally Harper, Manchester Course, February 2019

A great reflective and informative course, giving a real insight into the teenage brain and how to adapt classes to best met the needs of our young people.

Sophie Tomlin, Manchester course, February 2019

Charlotta embodies everything she teaches, aa a result I have felt like a sponge trying to soak up as much information as possible. Truly inspiring. This has been such a useful and inspirational experience: To be surrounded by a group of people who all want to help improve the wellbeing of young people. I have learnt a lot about the science and psychology of the teenage brain but also learnt a lot about myself and where I would like to take this in the future.

Nicola Phillips, Manchester course, February 2019
I’m left feeling extremely grateful for making the right choice! It feels RIGHT and my puzzle is complete. Amazing course, I’ve learned so much. Charlotta and Diane are both beautiful and inspiring teachers.
Monica Taule, London course October 2018