TeenYoga Teacher Training Course

Welcome to the TeenYoga Teacher Training Course. Here you will find lots of information on our core training course that will enable you to teach yoga and mindfulness effectively to teens.

Once you have read the breakdown of the course below you can find all our upcoming training dates in our Course Dates section – where you can also select and book on a course.

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Teen Yoga Teacher Training

Teen Yoga is registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals and the Independent Yoga Network, demonstrating that we have met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals as a sign of highest standard and that we are considered to employ the culture of yoga to our courses as assured by the IYN.

All of our 5-day face to face courses (60 hours) are accredited by the Yoga Alliance UK. The Online course (100 hours) is a CPD accredited course with Yoga Alliance US.

We offer a standard 5 day course directed towards professionals in the fields of education, medicine and holistic sciences. We also offer tailored courses for schools and other organisations working with young people, please get in touch to find out how we can support your needs. There is a lively and very active support group online and also a biannual meet up in London as well as an annual AGM conference in London to keep you abreast of any important policy, funding, research or educational changes that have taken place. To find out more, please check www.teenyogafoundation.com.

Introduction to the Teen Yoga Course

The TeenYoga course will train you to teach mindful yoga to young people. It has been constructed with the help of specialist adolescent Neuroscientists, Anatomists, Psychologists and Yoga Teachers. It is now taught in several continents across the world. Approx. 2-3 students on each course are funded either by their council, school or NHS dept.

Charlotta Martinus launched this course for the first time in 2004 in response to the growing need to care for our young people and give them respite from stress and anxiety.

This course is unique, as the only fully fledged, Yoga Alliance Professionals and IYN accredited and insured teen yoga course in the UK working together with Leeds University Psychology Dept, to measure outcomes of the mindfulness and yoga on young people added to the actual experiential research to help support and structure the training course.

The course comes with a detailed and comprehensive manual, with plenty of practical lesson plans and ideas for you to use. In this manual you will find a detailed list of the benefits of yoga and a list of suitable postures for this particular age group, targeting specific issues. There is a special section on behaviour management.

This course qualifies you as a Level 3 Coach, within the Sports Partnership.

The course is directed towards healthcare professionals, yoga teachers, school teachers, parents and anyone working with young people.

Prerequisites to the Teen Yoga course

Several students have taken this course with no previous experience in either yoga or working with teens and have found it most useful. But to ensure full insurance and accreditation, we ask for:

  • Preferably at least three years’ yoga practise under guidance of an accredited teacher and a teaching degree/experience


  • a yoga training of any tradition

It is important to have an interest and experience of working with Teens.

If you do not fulfil these criteria, please feel free to contact the Course Tutor and have a preliminary interview to ascertain whether this course is for you.

The TeenYoga course synopsis

This course is completely unique and one of its kind, as all material is researched specifically by experts in the field of young people, including Psychologists, Educators, Doctors, Youth Workers, Social Workers and parents. Each course is tailored to the specific group, whether in the UK or abroad.

This is a hard time for most children, a time of transition out of the accepted guidance of parents and teachers, into a more independent sphere, where new ideas and structures are welcomed and embraced as a relief from the old. With guidance it can be the most exciting time of our lives!

Yoga can offer an age-old tradition with answers to many of the concerns that the adolescent population are facing.

The physical exercise of yoga appeals to many different groups, such as:

  • the athletic, as a form of repair and warm up, to enhance performance and reduce injury
  • the non-sporty, as a form of easy exercise
  • the injured, as a form of therapy for their injury

With idols such as Lady Gaga, Ryan Giggs, Madonna and Sting, using yoga regularly it has also become quite accepted among the men, especially in conjuncture with their regular training on the field for sports such as rugby and football.

Many teacher students find this course is an opportunity for them to grow and understand their own development as a teenager and bring that wisdom into their teaching, introducing a deeper respect and compassion for this population.

You will spend approximately a third of your time in lectures and in discussion and two thirds in applied learning, doing practical exercises. It is predominantly a secular and experiential course but with a grounded in scientific research.

Aims of the Teen Yoga Course

The aims of this course are to embolden the teacher to share more deeply their own passion and knowledge for yoga with this age group.

The course is more than a training in how to teach asanas to KS3 and 4, it is also an exploration in how to share the philosophy and psychology of yoga to ensure a more positive mental health for the students. The teachers adopt a bipartisan approach – including the participants in all exercises to ensure that we learn as much as possible from each other and are responsive to the needs in the room.

Teen Yoga Teacher Training Course Objectives and Intended Learning Outcomes

The graduate will come away with a toolbox of materials to use in the classroom; lesson plans, hard copy and virtual resources, access to funding streams, inclusion techniques,marketing techniques, understanding of anatomical, psychological and neuroscientific development of the young person and ideas of how to share philosophy and psychology with the group.

The TeenYoga graduate will be able to adapt all their yoga knowledge successfully to this age group through the new understanding, brought about by their own self-inquiry, therapeutic work and insights brought about by the course.

We also hope that the graduate may come away with a deeper understanding of their own teenage years and the impact it has had on their subsequent development.

The experience of these yoga classes will enhance concentration in the classroom, self-esteem, respect for others as well as the ability to relax completely for the young person.

Teen Yoga Teacher Training Course Outline

This course aims at being as comprehensive as possible, introducing:

  • physical development
  • mental development (neuroscience)
  • psychological development and theories of adolescence
  • behavioural management
  • mindfulness techniques
  • lesson plans for a 10,20, 30 or 60 minute class
  • how to introduce philosophical discourse involving yoga philosophy
  • how to teach pranayama and asana
  • how to introduce mindfulness techniques successfully
  • how to introduce meditation
  • marketing techniques
  • funding streams
TeenYoga Teacher Training Course Reading List

Before attending the course the required reading list is:

Obligatory Reading: Teen Yoga for Yoga Therapists by Charlotta Martinus and the Book of Dharma by Simon Haas. You can buy them here: Teen yoga for yoga therapistsThe book of dharma making enlightened choices
Recommended reading:Dark Night of the Soul by Simon Haas. You can buy it here: The dark night of the soul by Simon Haas/

When you buy these books from Teen Yoga, the profits go back into the Teen Yoga Foundation which aims to empower young people through yoga.

For these books and other useful resources please see our shop.

More Information

All our upcoming dates and venues for the Teen Yoga TT can be found on our Course Dates page. Your TeenYoga course will be taught by one of our four excellent TeenYoga tutors, and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us– we will be happy to help.

Teen Yoga Safeguarding and Inclusion policies:

Inclusion policy – TYF

TYF Safeguarding Policy 2021