TeenYoga Teacher Directory

This page is a directory of qualified and insured teachers in the UK, and abroad. All teachers in this list have passed the rigorous Teenyoga qualification, and at the time of completion all had current DBS checks, relevant insurance and experience. Only those who have completed the TeenYoga course can be part of the directory. If you would like a qualified teacher for your studio or school, please feel free to email us and we are happy to find the best fit for you. Contact us here.

Anna Byworth London, UK. E7 0NP.
Angelina Lambourn Cornwall
Angelina Bassett Cornwall
Angela Warren South Devon
Andrea Giebeler South East London
Andrea Blair West Cornwall
Ana Sousa Lisbon, Portugal
Amy Trim Sherborne, Dorset
Amy Sadler
Amber Johnson Kingswood, Bristol BS15
Amani Eke London Course
Amanda Joseph London, UK. HA9.
Amanda Hughes Oxfordshire
Alison Russell Oxfordshire
Alison Jennings South Wales, UK.
Ali Walker West Lothian, Scotland
Alecia Filmer Stockton, NSW, Australia