TeenYoga Teacher Directory

This page is a directory of qualified and insured teachers in the UK, and abroad. All teachers in this list have passed the rigorous Teenyoga qualification, and at the time of completion all had current DBS checks, relevant insurance and experience. Only those who have completed the TeenYoga course can be part of the directory. If you would like a qualified teacher for your studio or school, please feel free to email us and we are happy to find the best fit for you. Contact us here.

Lucy Neal Leeds/Yorkshire UK
Andrea Fletcher Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Auckland, New Zealand New Zealand
Melissa Turbett Boone, North Carolina, USA USA
Laura Schrier San Francisco, California, USA USA
Kimberly Buikema Chicago, USA. USA
Linda Whitbeck Philadelphia, USA USA
Susan Whitmarsh Washington DC USA
Tyna Seall Orlando USA
Cat Stuijt Gwynedd & Anglesey Wales
Sara Waymont Essex United Kingdom
Anna Gagliano Porto Portugal
Sam Parker Sheffield, Derbyshire
Teresa Maccanelli Pittsburgh and surrounding areas USA
Terrie Dempster Bendigo/Melbourne Australia
Theresa Cotterrell Johannesburg South Africa
Maria Patricia Santiago, Chile United Kingdom
Maria Hastings East Midlands United Kingdom
Kerrie-Anne Langendoen Surrey/Sussex United Kingdom
Emelie Benn Midlands and SW Sweden United Kingdom
Laura Henry Fife Scotland