TeenYoga Teacher Directory

This page is a directory of qualified and insured teachers in the UK, and abroad. All teachers in this list have passed the rigorous Teenyoga qualification, and at the time of completion all had current DBS checks, relevant insurance and experience. Only those who have completed the TeenYoga course can be part of the directory. If you would like a qualified teacher for your studio or school, please feel free to email us and we are happy to find the best fit for you. Email us at info@teenyoga.com.

Tallulah Capaldi London 07789790527
Talula Sheppard 07966511391
Tamba Mbawah Freetown, Sierra Leone +232 0303 8217
Tammi-Lee Fazldeen London 07984072443
Tamsin Lemkow North London 07852 549732
Tanya-Marie Greig London KT4 0794 4522576
Tara Lee London
Tatiana Shamratova London 07459921851
Teresa Halpin Harrow 07759787666
Terry Jackson Altrincham, UK 07785 765512
Tessa McLennan London 0758 373 0839
Thea Henry Leeds, Bradford & London 07481826750
Thembelani Vundla Ncube Brixton 0847422607
Thomas Barwood Bedfordshire 07967802495
Tia Castagno N London 07786621354
Tiffany Lindsay Unterageri, Switzerland 0041 786 968 472
Tiffany Mackenzie-Shapland North Devon 0777 284 3794
Tiffany Whitter Wigan + 25 miles 07766382136
Tina O'Regan London Course
Tory Campbell Belfast 07789726696
Tove Wiig Trondheim
Tracey Webster Derbyshire
Trish Campbell Isle of Wight 07730005578
Tristessa Moore Hull, East Yorkshire 0775851967
Tyna Seall Orlando, USA
Tyrone Lee-Tulloch London 07342196688
Valery Devilliers- Braun Paris , France
Vanessa Talbot North London 07446217334
Venetia Davidson Chichester, West Sussex 07808162804

What our Students Tell Us

About the Teen Yoga Course

I can not recommend this course highly enough. It will give you all the tools you need to go out and teach yoga to teens. What’s so lovely is you will feel like you’ve become part of an incredibly supportive community. I met so many inspiring people.

Indira, London

Yesterday I went into a pupil referral unit with a small group of excluded year 11 kids. We did some breathing practice, sun salutation variations/tree/crow and a relaxation. The response – they LOVED it. One of them said it was heaven.

I have to say it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my yoga career to date. These kids SOOOO need to build their self esteem, feel valued and they all said they had never felt so relaxed. I feel really grateful to Charlotta Chandrika Martinus, Caron Lindley Carole Davies and Kerry Walters for the learning experience to get me here. THANK YOU and may the TeenYoga community continue to motivate and inspire.

Alison Jennings, Wales

I’m so grateful to have found TeenYoga. I had been thinking of education, young people and yoga and this course made it all come together wonderfully. I also learned a lot about myself and completed this course with renewed energy. Thank you Charlotta, you are an amazing and inspiring teacher.

Yvonne, Yoga Teacher, London