The TeenYoga Teacher Training Course has been developed by Charlotta Martinus in collaboration and with the gratefully received help of many professionals in the fields of mental health, psychiatry, mindfulness, psychology and neuroscience.

Dr Dan Siegel

Medical degree from Harvard University and Post Graduate from UCLA, studied the impact on attachment and how it influences emotions, behaviour, autobiographical memory and narrative. Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA. Pediatric, adult and adolescent Psychiatrist, Founder of the Mindsight Institute and Author of Brainstorm, plus many other books on mindfulness and adolescence. Skype lecture on the impact on mindfulness and adolescents.

Lisa Kaley-Isley

Licensed as a clinical psychologist in the United States since 1992, and was first introduced to yoga in 1993. Before relocating to London, she was the Chief of Psychology, Director of Psychology Training, and founding Clinical Director of the Integrative Medicine program at The Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Dr Lana Jackson

CAMHS psychologist, Lecture on Mindfulness and Mental Health

Naomi Deller

Yoga Teacher, Mental Health Worker, Yoga therapist for the mind.

Felicity de Blic (Phys Dip)

Physiotherapist for Mental Health in young People, lecture on effect of yoga on the mind.

Martha Faron (MOst)

Osteopath and Senior Yoga Teacher and Therapist, teaching Anatomy and Physiology.

Rachel Fleming

Senior Yoga Teacher and Women’s Yoga specialist, teaches about the Menarche.

Sam Hare (DC)

DC in Metropolitan Police, Child Protection, Lecture on Child Protection, Senior Yoga Teacher.

Charlotte Merton

Marketing Executive to schools, lecture on marketing, senior yoga teacher.

Theo Wildcroft

Youth Worker, Senior Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist for young people with Special Needs.