In 2020, mid-pandemic, the TeenYoga charity launched the first Teen Yoga Ambassador course. It had 10 girls join.

Here are some of their stories; Joy had suffered severe panic attacks and through yoga, had become a confident and clear-headed young woman.  The breathing exercises combined with movement and visualisation particularly helped. She together with her friend is now offering classes in her school for younger students.

Sarah had been self-harming since year 9 and through yoga, had found a new love for herself, control over her life and made sense of her dharma. It was the self-massage and the constant mantra of self care and support from her yoga community that made a difference to her. She now supports her peers with similar practises and is supported by her mentor.

Roo had dysregulated eating and sleeping, ending up in hospital with anorexia in year 10, where she discovered yoga which slowly brought slowly helped her see her body with kinder eyes and develop a healthy relationship with food.  She loved the postures and the community, which helped her become more confident and kind to herself.  Roo has helped her little sister and mum with the same practises that helped her and is thinking of starting a little group at school.

Shivani had been bullied out of her school and was afraid of returning to another school, through yoga, she found her self-esteem and turned her life around and is now thriving in another school where she delivers weekly yoga sessions to older boys.

All these young women joined us for the journey towards becoming Ambassadors. They are now sharing yoga with their peers in their contexts. Here is what one teacher said in Shivani’s school:

The teen yoga ambassadors course has provided far reaching benefits not only to the student that did the ambassadors course but to our school community. The Teen yoga Ambassadors course provides students with a wealth of knowledge and skills such as self-enquiry, greater independence and responsibility which are such important life skills for teenagers. It has also helped to cultivate a culture of wellbeing within our own school. 


Since doing the yoga ambassadors course our own student has been delivering yoga classes to a sixth form group and has also helped to support with a mental health and wellbeing group that has been set up within the school recently. 


I would fully recommend the teen yoga ambassadors’ course to any student with a keen interest in yoga that would like the opportunity to learn more about themselves and to help support others with their own wellbeing. 

Beth Denton, PE Teacher, Crossley Heath School, Halifax


In 2022 the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme named the charity “the national governing body for yoga for young people” and awarded the Ambassador scheme as a deliverer of skill section of Dof E award.

The next level 1 will be on 25th June, 9th July and 16th July in Bristol and online and we have lowered the price to make it more affordable to £195, we also have full and part bursaries as well as mentors who want to sponsor a young person to take this wonderful course. If you are interested please email Debbie today on debbie@teenyoga.com. Deadline 30th May.


All profits go to supplying yoga to schools that cannot afford it, like Oldham School in the Birmingham area, who have been sponsored for a year by the TeenYoga charity but who has not got the funds to continue, despite the huge benefits that the school has noticed.



For more information please check out: www.teenyogaambassadors.co.uk and teenyogafoundation.com