Sacred space

Gloomy cool holiday Saturday morning, I feel drawn to some Krishna Das as I practise on the mat. Soon I experience the increased space within the body, in the muscles, in the chest, around the heart, between the bones.

Then, lying in gratitude at the end of the practise, I feel space.. the body is spacious and also able to integrate into space, the space around it. The mind no longer tethered by the body or time also finds solace in the space and world beyond the body. This moment of recognition, realisation, that we are in fact completely one with the world around us, the earth that holds us firm and draws us close with its maternal gravity, gently, firmly downwards, inwards and the light that draws us up and out and towards greater hope and heights, and the fire in the centre, transforming, driving towards change. The gentle water running under the earth that sooths, changes, moves and draws us back to mother ocean.

We are the earth, the earth is us.  At the end we go back into the earth, my fathers’ ashes into the ocean, my grandparents’ bodies back to mother earth to be transformed.

I often find myself saying to my students, “just get them to savasana” – our restless minds need movement, they need stimulation and turning this way and that before they can rest to finally experience the peace of belonging, belonging to the earth, to space, to the fire and the rivers. Bring them to savasana, so they can experience true yoga – oneness, with everything, everything that is us, we who are everything – this planet is not environment, it is not around us, it is in us. Bring them to savasana and the planet will be saved in the embrace of Mother Earth