Our People

The focus of our work is people, and as a charity we depend on the support of our volunteers to keep everything moving.

The management of Teen Yoga has a tight knit team running things day to day with a valuable group of volunteers, patrons and trustees who support us in a wide variety of aspects, from social media, to organising and staffing events, to helping with research and fundraising and many other activities. Please join us!

Behind the scenes

These are the people involved in the day to day running of Teen Yoga. Some of them focus on organising our training courses, others on our events, while others are involved in research projects and fundraising. We also have an invaluable group of people running our social media presence, helping to promote the practice of yoga for young people in the UK and beyond.


One of the core activities of Teen Yoga is our training. We run a variety of courses form longer 400 hr courses to short CPDs, as well as our Ambassadors course focused on training young people to teach others. Our courses run online and face to face. The tutors here are not all active at once but they have all made invaluable contributions to our work over the years.

Patrons & Trustees

Our Patrons and Trustees keep us on course. They are experts in education. mental health, youth work and research into yoga for young people. The patrons give us valuable advice on our activities, while the trustees perform an important (and legally required) oversight role to ensure that all we do remains true to our objectives as a UK charity and help us realign if necessary.


Our partners are all organisations with which we have collaborated over the years on research projects developing programmes or providing us with much-needed financial support over the years. Some of them are universities, others public bodies, while others are private organisations, but all have played an important role in helping Teen Yoga to provide high quality training.

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