Testimonials from Graduates


I have been loving the yoga sessions! After a long and tiring day when I’m not feeling so great, doing some yoga is so lovely and beneficial. From the sessions, I feel more connected to my breath, body and myself, and it is so lovely breathing in the self-love that I need. The yoga sessions have been so good for me and I hope that many more teenagers practise yoga because it truly helps you along your path and is there for you whenever you need it.


I wanted to write to you to say Thank you so much for the energy you put into the course and all the wonderful things I learnt.

I was definitely approaching yoga from only the posture and breathing avenues which now I know was a very limited way of looking at it but you have opened my eyes to all the amazing ways that yoga can support us and our young people and I appreciate that so much.

My teaching will change enormously after the course and I am looking forward to bringing in all the community aspects of the idea of chakras and yoga philosophy and I know my teens will love it.

I actually talked to my A level class today about the Chakras and guess who really got into it and wanted to know more? Not the girls but the group of `cool` sporty boys, they already knew so much and were really interested in knowing more. Just shows we never know who we can impact and who will take on what we share.

Anyway, thank you again for your patience and generosity… I am trying to convince our head of school to come on the course so we can discuss and implement.

Testimonials from Teens

Cameron (Year 13)

Beforehand, I had never done yoga in my life. I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it and I wasn’t sure how quickly I could learn. Not only did I love the sessions I took part in but also, I learnt that it’s okay if you get it wrong. Yoga helped me to find a moment of peace in a busy school day day and I’m very thankful for it.

Footballer (18-19)

When I relax at the end of a class I feel like I’m on a cloud and I don’t want it to end.

Hattie (Year 13)

I took part in the 6th form Yoga PE sessions last year and I found them very enjoyable. I became more confident to try new skills in front of people and I even managed to attempt a headstand with support. I found the sessions interesting and calming and loved trying new things in a supportive environment. From the yoga sessions themselves to the music and mindfulness, every part was always a joy to learn about.

Ben (16)

My back feels loads better after yoga!

Max (14)

Jess’ classes have helped me to deal with stress in a better way. Stress from exams, school, family and friends, and one that I struggle the most with is stress of the unknown. The main things I’ve learned are how to relax properly, how stress works and how to counter it.

Teen (Year 10)

Laid on my mat, listened to your teen yoga video and now feel so relaxed in the sun. Ready to start my day now, thank you.

Suki (Year 13)

Each yoga session made me feel relaxed and calm, helping awe to focus on flexibility, accuracy and balance. I was excited for every session I took part in and would recommend them to everyone.

Dan (18)

Yoga makes me feel at peace.

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