Instill & Teen Yoga Conference

Teen Yoga held the first Instill conference in 2015, just before the charity was officially recognised. The aim was to bring together the three domains that relate teen yoga which were education, yoga and healthcare, and look at research and experiences that could help the Teen Yoga community learn from each other.

We invited experts from each of these domains in order to promote dialogue between particularly yoga teachers, and the educators with whom they worked in schools and the healthcare domain particularly looking at research and experiences carried out in various countries focusing on the benefits of yoga for young people.

The face to face Instill conference continued for several years. After beginning at the School of Oriental and African Studies for two years, we then moved to Pimlico Academy and then the Friends House in Euston where in 2019 we promoted the results of the Hippocampus project

With the lockdown the conference had to move online and we changed the format to make it into a summit, spread out over a number of days rather than a single day conference, as it had been face to face, and these have taken place in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

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