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MA Dissertations

We work with a range of universities and research organisations to support Masters students working on dissertations related to yoga for young people such as the the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families which works with UCL in a series of psychology and mental health related postgraduate study programmes

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This EU funded project developed a programme for disadvantaged youth and piloted it in 5 countries with 750 people. We researched the degree to which the programme improved well-being among the participants

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Teen Yoga Ambassadors

The Ambassadors programme aims to develop the agency of young people by teaching them how to share yoga with their peers and their community. We have several projects exploring the success of this approach.

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Yoga Girls Can

This was a Sport England innovation programme which aimed to bring yoga to young women not involved in physical activity. We explored the success of the programme and brought more than 700 young women into the practice of yoga over 6 months.

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This was a collaboration with Westminster University, a PhD student explored the relative success of yoga and mindfulness in a faith school in West London. We helped to develop the programme she used

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Project: MA dissertation

Name of Project: MA dissertations

Date Project Started: 2017

Project Status: Ongoing

Collaborations: Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, University College London, Leeds University

Funding: MA dissertations

Short Summary: The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families works with UCL in a series of psychology and mental health related postgraduate study programmes, in which students have to complete a dissertation. Researching yoga for young people is one of the options in their catalogue of suggestions and Teen Yoga supports the students who choose this option, advising them on the nature of the study and helping them to find an appropriate context such as a school in which to carry out the research. Previously we supported a Leeds University student in a similar way.

Aims / Goals: To contribute to the body of evidence around yoga for young people

Outcomes / Results / Downloads / Relevant Links: Links to each paper: Pippa Jackson, Abigail Foster, Amy Morgan

Project: Hippocampus

Dates: Dec 2017 – Finalised Nov 2019
Collaborations: University of Salamanca (ES), Oxfam (IT), Youth for Exchange and Understanding (BE), Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Funding: Erasmus Plus


The HIPPOCAMPUS Programme was developed in a 26 month project funded by the EU Erasmus + programme, involving 5 countries (Norway, Belgium, Italy, Spain and the UK). It introduces yoga-based practices in youth contexts such as schools and youth associations. The programme focuses on improving the well-being of young people, especially disadvantaged young people, through the practice of yoga-based techniques.

It consists of:

  • A 5 day training course for yoga teachers to learn to deliver the programme
  • A comprehensive manual with resources for teachers and students
  • A programme focused on school teachers or youth workers
  • A programme focused on young people This programme was implemented in pilots across the five participating countries in a variety of contexts reaching over more than 750 young people and staff and evaluated to assess its success.

Aims / Goals

The aim of the HIPPOCAMPUS project was to develop and implement an appropriate yoga-based approach to bring the benefits of yoga to young people in situations of disadvantage.

Outcomes / Results

Project: Teen Yoga Ambassadors

Name of Project: Teen Yoga Ambassadors

Date Project Started: 2020

Project Status: Ongoing

Collaborations: College of Medicine


Short Summary: Teen Yoga Ambassadors is a training program for young people who are especially committed to yoga. It develops their capacity to bring their peers into yoga effectively. The program has three levels and focuses on a range of aspects such as teaching yoga, understanding yoga and self-care.

Aims / Goals: The aim of the Teen Yoga Ambassadors programme is to leverage the value of peer recommendations and influence in attracting young people to yoga, providing opportunities for young people to teach each other yoga

Outcomes / Results / Downloads / Relevant Links: After three courses results are positive. More details to follow. Link to Ambassadors page

Project: Yoga Girls Can

Name of Project: Yoga Girls Can

Date Project Started: 2015

Project Status: Finished 2016

Collaborations: WESPORT

Funding: Sport for England Innovation Fund

Short Summary:  The project took a large pink yurt to a number of university campuses in the West of England for a week/two weeks at a time to give young women the chance to try out yoga. The idea was that bringing the yoga to them rather than waiting for them to visit a yoga centre could increase their participation.

Aims / Goals: Aligned with the This Girl Can campaign which aimed to bring more young women into physical activity, the aim was to introduce young women to yoga. The criterion used was for each participant to have completed six sessions, at which point Sport England considers them to have been introduced to the activity, given their voluntary repetition of the activity over a number of sessions.

Outcomes / Results: Downloads / Relevant Links:  Over the course of the project 750 young women completed more than six sessions 

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