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Tailoring the Benefits of Yoga to the Needs of the Young

From The Perception Podcast: Listen to the podcast

Caroline has the pleasure of talking with visionary yoga crusader Charlotta Martinus. They discuss the changes in attitudes to yoga over the last 20 years, and how yoga is not only a vehicle of clarity, groundedness and strength but can also be tailored to combat specific challenging personal issues and as a preventative health model.

Please join them as they turn down the volume of the logical mind and look at life through a different lens.

Coming Home to Ourselves

From Crossing The Threshold: Listen to the podcast

Charlotta gives sheds a light on how Yoga goes way beyond it simply being a body practise; how it much more a life philosophy, and therapeutic practice and helps youth to ‘live their truth’.

Includes: talk about yoga, using yoga in schools and the incredible positive impacts it has for youth. The medicalisation of youth, the adolescent mental health crisis, and why holistic, preventative approaches consistently show themselves to more effective.

Yoga for Teenagers & Helping Them Thrive

From Becoming Women: Listen to the podcast

Charlotta shares her journey with yoga, why her passion is to help young people to thrive and how disconnecting from our environment helps open us to new ways of thinking and being. Her conversation in this episode is hugely inspiring, thought-provoking and wise. She describes her favourite yoga position for young people and herself!

Empowering Teens with Yoga

From True Business: Listen to the podcast

Charlotta shares her True Business journey from local yoga teacher earning £4,000 a year to leading a foundation empowering young people with yoga globally whilst advocating to include yoga at the heart of education.

The Prospective Shift

From The Prospective Shift: Listen to the podcast

Charlotta and Emma discuss the importance of teaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness to our young people and how these practices can lead to greater emotional resilience. They discuss how key changes in our society have affected mental wellness and Charlotta offers ways in which we can support our young people to feel healthy, happy and secure.

YogoJo Hatha for Happy Families

From YogoJo Foundation: Listen to the podcast

Discussing the wellbeing of young people and activities of TeenYoga Foundation that focuses on training teen yoga teachers and promoting yoga across the world.

National Press

Could yoga be the cure for teenage coronanxiety? It’s not such a stretch

From The Telegraph: Read the article.

Yoga classes have emerged as a great method for adolescents to manage their anxiety. We meet a group of grateful converts.

Yoga should be on the curriculum according to school chemistry teacher

From News24: Read the article.

A sixth form chemistry teacher asks if yoga should be placed on the curriculum. Pindoria claims that practicing yoga helps her students to better cope with academic commitments and pressures.

OM meets… Charlotta Martinus

From OM Magazine: Read the article.

Charlotta is on a mission to introduce teenagers to the wonders of yoga. Here, the Teen Yoga founder tells OM that the need for yoga among younger people has never been more urgent.

Teacher moved to help teens after terror attack

From The Midsomer Norton & Radstock Journal: Read the article.

As the country reeled from the news of the Manchester terrorist attack last Monday evening, a local yoga teacher, from Camerton, has moved quickly to make sure teenagers in need can have access to vital free care and emotional support.

Yoga in school: Could it improve grades?

From The Independent: Read the article.

A time when the obsessive focus on performance is demotivating teachers and learners alike, the introduction of mindful yoga surely has the potential to transform the school environment for good.

7 Ways Yoga Helps Children and Teens

From Psychology Today: Read the article.

Yoga is fast becoming one of the most popular complementary health practices, with over 1.7 million children and teens practicing yoga. Learn how yoga can improve body image, self-discipline, and even test scores.

Young people’s mental health: Scheme trains teens to teach others benefits of yoga

From The College of Medicine and Integrated Health: Read the article.

Charlotta explains how the new training course empowers young people to help their peers using yoga for better mental health.


BBC South Yoga in schools

The BBC interviewed some primary school children and experts on the impact of yoga on their life. With Charlotta Martinus, founder of Teen Yoga.

TeenYoga on CBBC Operation Ouch

TeenYoga feature in CBBC program ‘Operation Ouch’ – this video is a recording from the show. 

Festivals and Talks

The Festival Of Education 2022

Charlotta speaking at the annual Festival of Education in 2022 about the impact of yoga in schools to educators from around the UK

House of Commons

Teen Yoga at the House of Commons

Charlotta speaking at the House of Commons about the benefit of yoga for Children in school. It is a lifeskill that they can learn to develop self-acceptance, self-regulation and to develop physical, emotional and mental balance as well as healthy methods to learn to relax. There were seven MPs present and it is part of the desire to build our movement and particularly the APPG on yoga.

Charlotta speaking at APPG

Charlotta speaking at an APPG meeting in November 2017. APPGs allow campaign groups, charities, and other non-governmental organisations active in the field to become involved in discussions and influence politicians.

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