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We impact the lives of young people by sharing tools to self-regulate, achieve calm, focus and well-being.

Our impact is global

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Teachers have graduated with Teen Yoga


Teens are reached by each Teen Yoga teacher annually


young people practise Teen Yoga daily

1 million

Teens across the world have benefitted from our yoga based techniques

Teen Yoga is present in over 20 countries and in 30% of UK secondary schools

There are over 2000 graduates of the course, each reaching an average of 150 young people annually, and though since the pandemic not all are still teaching (we estimate 25% have stopped), our current reach is around 200,000 young people worldwide.

Our reach
to young people

Our principal focus is on improving the lives of teens. Over the years we have reached more and more young people.

In 2004 we reached approximately 40 young people with yoga in one school in the BANES area with 3 teachers. 

In 2007 that number rose to around 700 due to our newly formed training courses, reaching into London too in around 10 schools.

In 2013 that number reached around 3000 teenagers due to the increase in the number of teacher training courses to 5 per year, 10 teachers on each = 300 teachers had graduated. 

Our reach - Teen Yoga

In 2017 Yoga Campus took on the course and there was a steep rise in uptake, to around 1000 graduates by the end of the year, each teaching between 10 and 30 students per week, depending on their setting, so 33,000 teens taking part in yoga in some way.

In 2022 there are over 2000 graduates of the course, each reaching an average of 150 young people annually. Though, since the pandemic not all are still teaching (around 25% have stopped) we estimate our current reach at around 200,000 young people worldwide.

Teen Yoga is present in some 30% of UK secondary schools.

Our reach - Teen Yoga

Our potential

Teen Yoga dates back to 2004 and has a wealth of experience in devising and operating medium and large scale projects worldwide.

Given the infrastructure that has evolved organically over the years, it also has the staff and skilled membership to deliver yoga in all schools in the UK, potentially reaching every child in the country, giving them skills to improve their overall wellbeing. 

We also have the staff and know how to respond and grow to meet greater demands as yoga becomes more mainstream.  Given our trajectory so far, it is conceivable that we would be able to offer yoga to every child in the UK within a few years.

Our projects

Yoga Girls Can

We have always been involved with large projects, after we started bringing yoga to over 10 schools simultaneously in the Bath region with support from Wesport (Sport England) we were asked to devise and run an Innovation programme called Yoga Girls Can in 2015 which reached 750 young women by taking yoga to them wherever they were.

Orphans in Sierra Leone

Also, by raising money locally, the Teen Yoga team were able to design a specific week-long course and travel to Sierra Leone to deliver it to ex-army soldiers, to train them in yoga for trauma.

This project reached 26 young men and women who in turn, reaches approximately 2600 orphans annually in orphanages around Sierra Leone.


In 2017 the Foundation was awarded money from the European Commission Erasmus’ fund to develop and run a 2 year project delivering yoga to 750 students in 5 countries which was then evaluated.


In 2019 Lululemon Foundation awarded us $10000 to deliver yoga to disadvantaged young people across the UK, which was then evaluated in qualitative video interviews.


In 2019 our Teen Yoga Ambassador programme was launched, delivering a peer to peer wellbeing training to 20 young people across the UK and South Africa. This was completely self funded.

London Youth

London Youth approached the Foundation in 2020 to develop and run a programme to help young BAME women talk more openly about their emotions, bringing greater wellbeing to the entire community. Good for Girls was considered a highly successful project by the Tampon Tax Fund who funded the programme.

70 Youth workers were trained and 700 young people were reached. This project was funded by the Tampon Tax fund and is being extended for a second year into 2022.

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At the Teen Yoga Foundation, we have a simple vision: that all young people have the toolkit to cope and thrive in life. This toolkit is derived from the wellbeing technology of yoga, which includes movement, breathing, active relaxation, and a positive mindset.

Our intention is to train enough teachers and therapists to support schools, healthcare, and social care nationwide in a personalised and appropriate way according to gender, ethnicity and age. These interventions are inexpensive and free to the end user. Our carefully conducted research indicates that yoga-based techniques delivered in this way will reduce CAHMS waiting lists as well as increase pro-social behaviour in public spaces, such as schools, thereby saving the public purse substantial funds. It also indicates that long term diseases due to lifestyle will drop dramatically when young people are offered tools to take control over their own physical, mental, and emotional health in this way.

Our motive for taking these measures is because we (professionals working within CAHMS, education and social services) see such suffering among young people, as never experienced before in our lifetimes and we are committed to alleviating this suffering in the way we know works.