Healthy bodies, clear minds, thriving lives

We impact the lives of young people by sharing tools to self-regulate, achieve calm, focus and well-being.

Our Impact

The Teen Yoga Foundation has had a significant impact on the lives of young people and in schools across the world since its inception in 2003.

We have trained over 1400 student teachers, and through them reached over 500,000 young people. We have a range of TESTIMONIALS that speak to the personal impact of our work.

Our annual CONFERENCE keeps young people and Teen Yoga graduates in touch and inspired. We love to the connect ancient wisdom from Indian scholars to the latest research in the field thereby provoking healthy discussion around challenges that we face.

Our ongoing RESEARCH aims to pinpoint the benefits of yoga and look at how best to present yoga for maximum impact. We work together with universities across the world to establish an academic insight into the world of yoga and young people.

In our STORY, you will find inspiring examples of how yoga has changed lives of young people around the globe and the impact it has had individually and in the community.

The main barrier to entry for young people is an outdated perception of yoga. Therefore, it is essential that we broaden our REACH, by presenting in fairs and conferences across the country and to Parliament. We find that our conversations, talks and demonstrations often start great conversations and quickly dissemble misconceptions. We speak to government on an annual basis, in October 2022 we were asked to present the cost benefit of yoga in schools to a cross party meeting of MPs.

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