It has been an extraordinary week but maybe for me personally, what was most extraordinary was on Monday evening, where everything happened in slow motion.

The exiting on to Parliament square, Big Ben towering over hundreds of people with Corbyn placards and a fervent, excited energy quivering over the entire area, which reminded me of the main square in Prague during the velvet revolution.

Entering into the House of Commons through airport like security and noticing immediately fellow yogis, simply because of their energy amidst the fervent rushing about of politicians.

Like a shaft of light, the group of yogis passed peacefully through the long, high corridors of power, flanked by immense canvases depicting war and imperialist victories. Eventually we were ushered into a space reminiscent of an ante room to WEstimnster cathedral, with stained glass windows, wood panelled walls and benches, filled to the brim with sublime yogis.

What came next was even more extraordinary – a letter from the Queen! Congratulating and blessing our “gathering” and a letter from the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modhi supporting the event.

From this moment on, we were lavished by talk after talk peppered with encouraging figures, facts and stories of yoga changing the world for the better. In pauses there were familiar mantras and breathing practises, rendering the space even more rarified and supreme. MPs came and went and visibly stopped in the entrance at the vibe that they met when entering. The room managed to raise the vibration to a space of kind compassionate collaboration towards the common good.

Everyone was working together to relieve suffering of others, in supporting the Early Days Motion for integrating yoga in the NHS and schools.

I felt hugely honoured to be invited and partake in this special moment in history. As Heather Mason said “ we are at the precipice of possibility” where yoga is taking on a momentum hitherto unknown in the West, supported completely both by members of parliament and the establishment in general as well as the influential Government of India.

If you too, would like to make your voice heard, please sign this petition which automatically sends a letter to your MP – it makes a massive difference!