FINALLY! AFTER THREE YEARS OF PLANNING AND CANCELLING DUE TO BREXIT, THEN COVID, WE HAVE OUR DROP IN EVENT AT PORTCULLIS HOUSE on the 19th of October, THE WORKING OFFICE OF ALL MPS AND RESEARCHERS. Sir Anthony Seldon will be addressing the MPs as well as a few young TeenYoga Ambassadors. We will take the opportunity to present the cost benefit of yoga as well as of course the research outcomes. In order for you to benefit fully from this event, it is imperative that you contact your MP by emailing them this letter, but please do personalise it where you can. If you don’t know your MP, you can find them here.

Dear XXX
Cultivating resilience for Brighter Lives – Drop-in event on youth mental health.

As I am sure you are aware, there is currently a deepening mental health crisis
among young people, both here in [insert constituency] and nationally. [if you can
refer to local knowledge of schools where you work or other relevant information
about the constituency]
The crisis is causing a great burden for the NHS and CAMHS is overwhelmed. A
recent survey of GPs by the charity stem4 found that half said most of their referrals
of young people for conditions including anxiety and depression are rejected. The
recent Mind report Not making the grade indicated that 96% of young people felt
that their mental health had affected their schoolwork. It is vital to find cost-effective
solutions, in education and healthcare, to address this crisis, and safeguard the
future of our society.
I am writing to tell you about a drop-in event on 19th October at Portcullis House
(between 11 am and 1 pm) in Room C which will discuss the potential of yoga-based techniques
to prevent these mental health issues occurring among our young people.
Appropriately applied, yoga helps to improve resilience, focus and emotional self-
regulation among young people, which leads to better behaviour, better class
environments, and better academic results as well as improved mental and physical
health and dramatic reductions in CAMHS referrals. It is a low-cost prevention
strategy that can generate substantial savings for both NHS and schools, as well as
extensive social value.
The drop-in is organised by the Teen Yoga Foundation, a charity I support, which has
been working at grassroots across the country for more than 15 years, carrying out
research and training to support young people’s mental health. The event is
sponsored by Anthony Seldon, Vera Hobhouse MP and Ben Bradshaw MP, and I am
asking you as my MP to attend and hear the evidence and arguments for integrating
this low-cost approaches to mental health into schools, healthcare and other areas of
Please register your interest in attending this event by contacting
Yours sincerely,