Increasingly, schoolteachers come on the TeenYoga course. I was told by a teacher trainer once that a good teacher can teach anything.  I believe this is true.

Getting school teachers excited about yoga and practising themselves is the best way to inspire children to practise as a form of self care. (see Ingunn Hagen’s Review article published April 2014)

 The question is often asked, how do we get yoga into schools, to help kids overcome emotional and mental trauma, to support them through stress and unease and create a beautiful life for themselves? 

 Clearly it would make sense to train schoolteachers to deliver yoga and mindfulness to their students through the day.

 But what are we imparting if the teacher is not a practitioner?

 Yet another piece of information without spirit? An academic exercise on a soulless journey?

 At Hull University, there is currently a research programme supporting suicidal school teachers with mindfulness programmes. The results of this intervention will be published by the end of this year.

 Mindful yoga is a tool not only for our children but also for our teachers to keep them present, de-stressed and inspired in the work they do. 

I am excited to be part of a working party at Leeds University to look at how to implement mindful yoga in schools and think that this intervention, involving teachers would definitely be a positive step forward.