When we find our dharma, life flows. It doesn’t always flow, so its nice when we fall into our dharma. Dharma in yoga means the path you are meant to walk, the one you find easy and fulfilling, the effortless path which gives so many people joy.

Recently, running the Universal Yoga Teacher Training Course and the TeenYoga course, it has occurred that the 16 years of yoga practise is ripe for giving… for sharing.. all the tormented questions, then resolved, now shared. The teachings pour through us and towards the students in a steady flow of gratitude to what has been, the pain, the teachings, the teachers. Coming away from the weekend, I feel full and empty and the same time. Full of Love, awe and gratitude for the students’ willingness to listen and learn and finally, for a moment, empty of any needs or desires.

Our guru Swami Sivananda, had many mottos, one was – Serve, love, give.

The apple tree drops all of its fruit when it’s time comes, the well needs to give its water in order to refill itself, and knowledge needs to be shared, effortlessly. To love and to give is our very nature and it is such a pleasure to let the energy flow through and towards the source again.

Om Shanti