Embodied Truth – a value based education

What is a value based education?

If we want our children to access yoga in schools, they need to be inspired by shining yogis who embody the reasons to follow them and not simply fed yet another faddish piece of information, which is out of context.

It is my experience that a congruent practitioner who shares her/his insights and failings with integrity will have a far reaching and deep impact on the child for years to come where a non-practitioner would fall desperately short.

The vulnerability and deep searching, which is an intrinsic part of the teenage years seem to open to yoga in the most surprising way. Postures that might take an adult several years to master, will take a teen a few weeks, ideas and concepts that as an adult we rail against are lapped up as obvious truths. Meditation is an easy task for many teens, where the adult has layers and layers of emotions, memories and preconceptions which stop us from opening up to meditation and stillness.

In yoga we speak about the three gurus, the mother from 0-7, the father from 7-14 and the third guru from 14-21. Yoga was traditionally the third guru. The yoga teacher represents the sum parts of a value-based education, with sustainable and measured positive results for the young person throughout their life such as resilience, confidence and physical strength.

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