I asked my group of boys at the local Catholic 6th Form, why they come to yoga, week after week, why they encourage their mates to come along and these are their top five answers:

  1. Its like the gym, but more fun, building muscle and upper body strength
  2. Its really challenging, particularly the arm balances
  3. It has upped my (rugby) game, I am more flexible and quicker
  4. It has given me better self esteem
  5. It helps me deal with stress by teaching me how to relax fully

(secret no 6 was told to me in a whisper, was they came for the hot girls!)

 I have taught boys yoga now for 10 years and I am finding more and more of them are really getting into the essence of yoga, the relaxation, the breathing, the powerful asanas but also the gentle ones. The groups who have been with me for the longest (from7-14 years old) are big into Yoga Nidra and sharing emotional stuff from the week too. In those groups we also do self and group massage, which always goes down well. They are an emotionally intelligent group and I really enjoy being around them.

Boys do yoga and they love it.

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