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Teen Yoga Online Course

1st May 2019

Online course launches 1st May 2019! 


In response to extensive interest, Teen Yoga has developed an online version of its highly acclaimed TeenYoga course led by Charlotta Martinus. Working in collaboration with Yogacampus, our aim is to make the course more widely accessible, particularly outside the UK.

The TeenYoga Online course will train you to teach yoga and mindfulness to young people. The TeenYoga Online course is rich and thorough with plenty of live interaction, and continuous contact with your tutor. The course certifies you to teach yoga and mindfulness to teenagers. It is recognised by Yoga Alliance US as a CPD program and has has been constructed with the help of specialist adolescent Neuroscientists, Anatomists, Psychologists, Educators and Yoga Teachers and experts in online learning.

Our Teaching Approach

The Teen Yoga online course goes beyond the usual online offering, using a community approach to ensure the same high quality interactive and participatory experience that Charlotta has always provided. The course is both practical and theoretical – meaning you will be spending time on the mat investigating and experiencing sequences frequently used with young people, as well as engaging in group projects and discussion with your peers and individual reflection, with continuous tutor support in forums and one-to-one tutorials. You will also be learning through visual lectures and audio meditations, and seminars with Charlotta. This unique combination of learning techniques will provide you with a much deeper and grounded understanding of the complexities and intricacies of teaching yoga to adolescents.

The Course Content

The course is based on in-depth coverage of the research evidence relating to adolescent development and yoga and over 15 years of hands-on experience in this field. The topics of the online course are the same as the face to face course, namely

  • Socio-psychology of the Adolescent
  • Anatomy of the adolescent
  • Neurobiology of the Adolescent
  • Teenagers and yoga principles
  • The logistics of teaching teen yoga

Within these topic areas there will be other varied topics also covered, which you can see in the detailed prospectus.

The Course Structure

The 5 modules are delivered over a 10 week period. During this period the student will need to dedicate between 7 and 10 hours per week to the course. In addition to a wide variety of course content and activities in which you work on different aspects of the subject area with your peers, there are regular webinars and conference calls. Each module has a webinar with Charlotta Martinus and a group online session, as well as an individual session with your tutor.

The times for the live sessions are as follows. You are expected to opt for one or the other on each particular date. So for example on 13th May if you are in the UK you go either to the 8am slot, OR the 6pm slot, but NOT both.
These live sessions happen every two weeks. In the orientation period, we also have an introductory webinar on Tuesday 30th April.
Day Date Month Activity UK (and beyond) AUS
Monday 29th April Orientation Webinar 8am 7pm
Monday 29th  April Orientation Webinar 6pm

4am (+1 day, 30th April)

Monday 13th May Module 1 Webinar 8am 7pm
Monday 13th May Module 1 Webinar 6pm 4am (+1 day, 14th May)
Tuesday 14th May Module 1 Group Session 8am 7pm
Tuesday 14th May Module 1 Group Session 6pm 4am (+1 day, 15th May)
Monday 27th May Module 2 Webinar 8am 7pm
Monday 27th May Module 2 Webinar 6pm 4am (+1 day, 28th May)
Tuesday 28th  May Module 2 Group Session 8am 7pm
Tuesday 28th May Module 2 Group Session 6pm 4am (+1 day, 29th May)
Monday 10th June Module 3 Webinar 8am 7pm
Monday 10th June Module 3 Webinar 6pm 4am (+1 day, 11th June)
Tuesday 11th June Module 3 Group Session 8am 7pm
Tuesday 11th June Module 3 Group Session 6pm 4am (+1 day, 12th June)
Monday 24th June Module 4 Webinar 8am 7pm
Monday 24th June Module 4 Webinar 6pm 4am (+1 day, 25th June)
Tuesday 25th June Module 4 Group Session 8am 7pm
Tuesday 25th June Module 4 Group Session 6pm 4am (+1 day, 26th June)
Monday 8th  July Module 5 Webinar 8am 7pm
Monday 8th July Module 5 Webinar 6pm 4am (+1 day, 9th July)
Tuesday 9th July Module 5 Group Session 8am 7pm
Tuesday 9th July Module 5 Group Session 6pm 4am (+1 day, 10th July)

The Teaching Staff

Charlotta Martinus, the course leader, is supported by a team of highly experienced online tutors. The tutors are experienced TeenYoga teachers and therapists trained exclusively by Charlotta to run this course. Often, they also work with teens in other capacities such as educators or therapists. They are all continuously monitored and supported by Charlotta.

Who’s It For?

The course is directed towards parents, healthcare professionals, yoga teachers, school teachers, parents and anyone working with young people. We invite students from all countries to join us. A key prerequisite is that you have a solid regular yoga practice of your own.

Your Commitment

Effective participation in the course requires a minimum dedication of 7 hours a week, and for some up to 10. There are five modules on the course (plus a short introductory module). Each module lasts two weeks. You should expect to dedicate an average of about one hour a day, and you choose when you wish to do this. However, we recommend that you try to keep a regular rhythm rather than trying to do it all on one day. You will also have a group task to do in each module where you may wish to have meetings with your group, or choose to communicate via messaging.

The course is quite intense in order to give you the grounding you need to teach adolescents yoga effectively. The dedication involves, in each module:

  • A theory section which involves a range of detailed content and reflection, with a variety of videos and presentations for you to follow, as well as an example class
  • Assignments, which involve one activity to be done in collaboration with others and one individual activity.
  • Reflection activities where you consolidate and explore what you are learning, on your own and with peers in the class forum space

All the above activities can be done in your own time. There are also activities that take place in specific time slots, that are appropriate for your time zone. These are:

  • Webinar with Charlotta Martinus, (1.5 hours) the opportunity to ask questions and go further into the subject
  • Group online session (1.5 hours) where you share the work you have done in your assignments with the group and comment
  • Individual tutorials, (30 mins – time arranged with tutor to suit both) where you comment on your progress and discuss any issues that may have arisen in the module

The course is also based on the idea that all those who follow it have their own regular yoga practice. We recommend that during the course you adapt your own practice to support your reflection on how best to teach young people yoga. For this purpose we recommend sessions and guided meditations commonly used with young people that you can incorporate into your practice, to acquire first hand experience of them.

The full prospectus is available to view here Teen-Yoga-Prospectus-2019v3 online

We also have a FAQ document here. Be sure to check it out before sending us any enquiries. If the FAQs don’t answer your questions, please email us at info@teenyoga.com.

Price is £550.

To book, please visit the yogacampus website here


1st May 2019
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