Here are five easy steps towards decreasing stress during exams:

1. Breathe! As you sti down to study, make sure you take 5 minutes to notice your breathing If you need stimulation, breathe deep and fast and if you ned calming down, make sure your outbreath is longer than your in breath.

2. Stretch!  Your shoulders and neck tend to get really stiff when you are studying, so simply, shrug your shoulders ten times and make sure they drop down really deep, then allow your neck to stretch to the right and to the left, count ten seconds on each side. Then use “eagle arms” to release shoulder blades.

3. Relax! Lie on your back on the floor (make sure its clean!), turn off your phone and tell everyone to lave you alone for ten minutes, put on some really soft, classical music and close your eyes, imagining relaxing each part of your body in turn. You can also check out yoga nidra programmes on this website:

4. Move!  Every twenty minutes, take a break, do some of you favorite postures, walk around.

5. Sleep! at least 8 -10 hours per night, with regular bed and waking times.


Good Luck!


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