TeenYoga Founder - Charlotta Martinus

Mother of two teenage boys, expert in yoga for young people, Charlotta started working as a school teacher at the age of 19, as a supply teacher for I.B. Swedish literature, then later on French and Swedish O’Level and working in Sweden for a year, then back to the UK to teach languages. She has a degree from UCL in modern languages. Charlotta worked as a TV Production Assistant, Researcher and Producer between 1993-2000 at BBC London. She became a yoga teacher in 2003 within the Sivananda tradition, followed by several years of training with Mukunda Styles, Dr Krishnamurti, Bangalore University and then took the 350 hour Minded Institute Yoga therapy for Mental Health course with Heather Mason. She started Teenyoga in 2004, supported and encouraged by Jo Manuel of the Special Yoga Foundation. Together with many colleagues within medicine, osteopathy, psychiatry and psychology as well as steeped in the yoga tradition, the TeenYoga course was born and developed in the subsequent years. It now has 3 trained teachers who deliver the course worldwide and 1300 alumni.


An expert on yoga for young people, Charlotta contributes to Om yoga magazine on a regular basis, as well as BBC Radio and TV with Thought for the Day. She is finishing her book on Teens and Yoga. She collaborates with the Psychology Department at Leeds University, UCL, Westminster, NTNU, Trondheim and the European Union in researching the outcomes of the work of teachers working with various teen populations. She presents at conferences globally and is keen to speak publicly about the work Teen Yoga and the charity Teen Yoga Foundation, is currently undertaking, including solidarity work in Sierra Leone and Kashmir. She is also involved in two APPG at the Houses of Parliament promoting yoga as a form of preventative health measure in schools.

The main aim and mission of the research, training and work that is undertaken by TeenYoga is to promote wellbeing among young people. While many young people are well, vibrant and have a strong voice in the world today, yoga supports and helps those who do not, through simple tools that alleviate stress, relieve trauma and empower young people. This is the work of Teenyoga. We do this y regularly consulting our team of Yoga ambassadors and including them in our annual conference to ensure a strong pupil voice.

if you would like an interview, conference workshop or speaker, or to find out more about our work or collaborate, please get in touch on Wednesdays 10-5pm on 01761 470 658. or email info@teenyoga.com.