AHIMSA- what does it mean in the real world?



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(in the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain tradition) respect for all living things and avoidance of violence towards others. 

Ahimsa  – this beautiful word, at the back of our minds, as yogis, what does it mean, in practical terms? Doing, thinking no harm, love in action.

 Working with people is not always easy. Working in partnership can be tricky, so when I had built up trust and confidence in my assistant and colleague over a year, entrusting her to work with me on my unique training programme, it came as a shock when she told me that she was now going to run the programme of the same name at the same venue that we were running it together, but this time on her own.

I must admit to feeling betrayed, humiliated and angry.

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Adolescence-the essence of life, through yoga

Today, for the first time, three (of the 12) 14 year olds spontaneously and seriously burst into a unified Om, so loud and so surprising, I felt it in my whole body. I felt the stones and mortar of the venerable Catholic College tremor with surprise and judgment, but the kids were full of yoga and full of the joy of exploring the power of their bodies and minds, they had no idea of the revolution, they had taken part in. Afterwards, instead of the customary giggling and nervousness, followed a numinous silence. The stillness and profound acceptance landed softly on us all in the common room today.

The awe and respect I felt in that moment, is repeated every time they open their eyes after relaxation, savasana, pranayama or meditation, their open gaze falls on mine in compassion and wonder and reminds me why I am here.

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Small beginnings

The website started its journey five years ago in a Somerset garden inspired by two yoga teachers working with adolescents. A few years in the making, a teaching manual, a teaching programme and many hundreds of teenagers later, the yoga site is up and running. The aim of this website is to bring teens together and also teachers interested in working with adolescents, as well as provide a directory of teen yoga teachers, who have completed the teenyoga course.

Please take time to have a look around the site, it will be updated on a monthly basis, as soon as we find more research, it will be up here for your information. There will be relevant blogs and a shop as well as a forum in time.

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When we are ourselves completely and we follow our inner, quiet voice, the net always appears, we are always safe. You are safe.

The story of The Rope tells about a mountain climber who wanted to climb the highest mountain. He begins his adventure after many years of preparation but since he wanted the glory just for himself, he decided to climb the mountain alone.

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