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As climate strikes pepper the land, it strikes me how one little person from Sweden has inspired millions to speak up about what they are passionate about – Mother Earth.

I had the privilege of spending Monday evening with 8 hand-picked young yogis in London. They had all been through a selection process and were chosen for their passion and experience in yoga.

Inspired by Greta Thunberg and the influence she has had in the world, young people are gathering together to offer their solution to the worlds’ problems. These young people have all practised yoga for many years already. Two of them were on the autistic spectrum. They came to be trained to share yoga with their peers in the new programme run by the Teen Yoga Foundation.

Again and again we hear the cry from the young – we are experiencing a mental health crisis,  but what can we do about it?

These brave young souls will be marching forth into the arena of mental health, equipped with specific training to help others, multiplying the wellbeing effect in their school and other contexts.

In yoga we learn how to lift ourselves up, by controlling our minds, by lifting and opening our hearts, we learn how to be well on every level. Part of being well is recognising our interdependence with the planet and each other. Once we recognise this, we can only support others.

There is no separation between us – this profound truth is experienced in meditation, one young person at a time, finding their feet, finding their way, finding their wellness, lifting themselves and others up into light and hope.

Charlotta, September 2019

  This week I asked my boys why they do yoga, #broga! My year 8 yoga class (12 yr old boys) is entirely made up of boys, more and more each week. Noisy, rambunctious and lippy, they take about 10 minutes to calm down. I am used the crazy chat by now, the giggling, the

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Teaching young people yoga, sometimes I am aware of a clash between my values and the values of the school or the establishment I am teaching in. I suggest to my students the ideas of collaboration vs competition, love vs fear, self care vs pushing the boundaries. Sometimes I have to be careful how I

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As practitioners ourselves, we know only all to well, how yoga can assuage feelings of anxiety, calm our nerves and generally uplift us. Why would it be any different for young people? This was my thought as I calmly and confidently strode into my first yoga class for teens ten years ago and was met

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Better than, more gifted, more flexible, less able, more friendly, less sociable, ADHD< Aspergers, dyspraxic, dyslexic……. On and on these labels, “help” teachers and parents to differentiate in a class, categorising and measuring outcomes, people, products. As OfSted looks at “inclusion”, and we take side glances at Finlands’ non-streaming, all inclusive successful and happy school

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“Better than…”, “More gifted…”, “More flexible…”, “More friendly…”… do these terms sound like advertising? There are worse labels though: “Less able…”, “Less sociable…”, ADHD, Aspergers, dyspraxic, dyslexic……. Apparently these endless labels “help” teachers and parents to differentiate learners in a class, categorising and measuring outcomes, people, products. They may however just oversimplify the diversity. As

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What is a value based education? If we want our children to access yoga in schools, they need to be inspired by shining yogis who embody the reasons to follow them and not simply fed yet another faddish piece of information, which is out of context. It is my experience that a congruent practitioner who

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Stressed? Breathe! Stressed? Watch your thoughts! Stressed? Relax! These directives do not work for most people in highly stressed states! Mostly because the body is in fight or flight mode, and when we try to direct it toward relaxation, it has not got rid of the adrenaline that is coursing through the body.  In short,

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