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As climate strikes pepper the land, it strikes me how one little person from Sweden has inspired millions to speak up about what they are passionate about – Mother Earth.

I had the privilege of spending Monday evening with 8 hand-picked young yogis in London. They had all been through a selection process and were chosen for their passion and experience in yoga.

Inspired by Greta Thunberg and the influence she has had in the world, young people are gathering together to offer their solution to the worlds’ problems. These young people have all practised yoga for many years already. Two of them were on the autistic spectrum. They came to be trained to share yoga with their peers in the new programme run by the Teen Yoga Foundation.

Again and again we hear the cry from the young – we are experiencing a mental health crisis,  but what can we do about it?

These brave young souls will be marching forth into the arena of mental health, equipped with specific training to help others, multiplying the wellbeing effect in their school and other contexts.

In yoga we learn how to lift ourselves up, by controlling our minds, by lifting and opening our hearts, we learn how to be well on every level. Part of being well is recognising our interdependence with the planet and each other. Once we recognise this, we can only support others.

There is no separation between us – this profound truth is experienced in meditation, one young person at a time, finding their feet, finding their way, finding their wellness, lifting themselves and others up into light and hope.

Charlotta, September 2019

          Our first Instill conference took place in London in 2015, with 70 attendees. The conference was a foray into whether there was interest in the topic of Young People, Yoga, Research and Education. The conference was then called Instill.    This year the conference was opened by Sir Michael Dixon,

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        April has been a crazy busy month for TYF with the launch of three new courses. The Teen Yoga Ambassador course has had some publicity and is something that we are all extremely excited about, where we invite various young people from all backgrounds to join us for three weekends to

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        Coming to the end of Lockdown and of what feels like a year of isolation for many, will be a big moment for most young people. When we are young, our natural tendency is to seek company and role models, breaking with old structures, trying out risky behaviours and finding out

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With eternal rain, wind and dreary, cold days, it is easy to understand why some of us feel “under the weather”.  In yoga we tune into Nature’s rhythms; time of day, the weather, the season, our monthly cycle and our age. All this informs us how to behave, whether we should be energetic or passive,

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Teen Yoga Online Summit 2020 Between the 7th and 13th December the TeenYoga Summit exploded onto our screens raising just under £5000 for the foundation together with the raffle, which you can still enter! 217 people registered for the fabulous event, from all around the world entering the important conversation about yoga and wellbeing for
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Australia Exam Time - How Yoga Can Help... As we come into exam season in Australia, many students, teachers and parents will be asking themselves how they can stave off anxiety and manage their stress. This is often a time when schools turn to yoga or mindfulness. Strictly speaking, it is always optimal to bring
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Benefits of Yoga for SEND Pupils With 3.3% of students in England having EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plans) or statements of SEN[1] and 12.1% in England receiving specialist SEN support without an EHCP[2], and with needs ranging from ASD[3] to Social, Emotional and Mental Health[4], hearing impairments[5] and Physical Disabilities[6] schools are often looking
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10am every day, we broadcast live from Facebook (reaching 3k followers) on our TeenYoga Mindfulness page.

The offering includes

1/  simple yoga for everyone to do at home.

2/ wellbeing tip (gargle with salt water, drink a little apple cider vinegar, self-massage, planting seeds…

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Below I have written an outline for how to bring a class online and also a suggestion for a teen class – I am no expert but I thought it might be useful.

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