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400hr Yoga Therapy for Adolescents


Many people have asked us for an Advanced version of the Teen Yoga course, and we have now designed one. In 2024 we will be launching the 400hr Yoga Therapy for Adolescents. Though many of the logistical details have yet to be finalised, we can give a general idea of the course


All young people have access to sympathetic, free holistic support from emotionally available and highly trained, supported professionals as soon as they need it and throughout their distress.


To support young people in distress in all situations with a broad and comprehensive, evidence-based yoga intervention.


CAMHS is overburdened and starting to look at alternative provisions for young people as they wait for psychiatrist support. We will offer that provision both in schools, as Mental Health Leads and in surgeries and elsewhere where young people congregate to guide them to self-care, finding tools to support their mental wellbeing. The yoga community is well placed to support those in mental or physical distress and has been doing so for a long time. Psychotherapists also benefit from a bottom-up approach when it comes to young people and often feel the need for more tools in their toolkit. Youth workers are also facing issues that they do not feel they are adequately resourced to deal with, which this course will address.


Together, we will look at the status quo of young people globally, in terms of the impact of social media, climate crisis, drug use and Covid on communities and support networks. We will develop a thorough understanding of how the adolescent brain is impacted by these experiences.

We will also spend some time looking at the impact of pharmaceutical and illegal drugs, school pressures and family issues on mental health. The course will have theoretical and practical elements, it will also encourage group work, reflective work and supervision, to make sure the student is able to develop and grow with the training course.

We will be embracing the broad and rich offerings of yoga, with particular interest in the panchamaya kosha, the gunas, vishad yoga, nada yoga, Ayurveda, chakras and ashtanga yoga from Patanjali’s Sutras.


This is a highly practical course, looking at how we may support those suffering with:

  •  Eating disorders
  •  Suicidal ideation
  •  Self-harm
  •  Depression
  •  Anxiety
  •  PTSD
  •  OCD
  • Impact of drug use/addiction
  • Sleeping disorders

You will be asked to conduct one in depth case study and also to record several sessions for review.


Though the details still have to be firmed up the course is likely to include the following elements:

  • 3 weekends in Somerset – Friday-Sunday
  • 1 retreat weekend in Somerset – Thursday – Monday
  • Tutorials
  • Recorded content
  • Fortnightly lectures online
  • Self study
  • Group study
  • Case study
  • Supervision

Application for 400 hr Yoga Therapy for Adolescents


Max (14)

Jess’ classes have helped me to deal with stress in a better way. Stress from exams, school, family and friends, and one that I struggle the most with is stress of the unknown. The main things I’ve learned are how to relax properly, how stress works and how to counter it.

Teen (Year 10)

Laid on my mat, listened to your teen yoga video and now feel so relaxed in the sun. Ready to start my day now, thank you.

Cameron (Year 13)

Beforehand, I had never done yoga in my life. I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it and I wasn’t sure how quickly I could learn. Not only did I love the sessions I took part in but also, I learnt that it’s okay if you get it wrong. Yoga helped me to find a moment of peace in a busy school day day and I’m very thankful for it.

Footballer (18-19)

When I relax at the end of a class I feel like I’m on a cloud and I don’t want it to end.

Hattie (Year 13)

I took part in the 6th form Yoga PE sessions last year and I found them very enjoyable. I became more confident to try new skills in front of people and I even managed to attempt a headstand with support. I found the sessions interesting and calming and loved trying new things in a supportive environment. From the yoga sessions themselves to the music and mindfulness, every part was always a joy to learn about.

Suki (Year 13)

Each yoga session made me feel relaxed and calm, helping awe to focus on flexibility, accuracy and balance. I was excited for every session I took part in and would recommend them to everyone.

Dan (18)

Yoga makes me feel at peace.

Ben (16)

My back feels loads better after yoga!

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