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    To all those signed on to the Birmingham and London face to face Teen Yoga trainings: we assure you you can transfer directly on to the May online course at no extra cost. We will put on another course to fill demand if necessary. Get in touch with us to arrange a transfer: info@teenyoga.com.

    Training professionals to deliver yoga to young people worldwide

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    The Teen Yoga Course provides it’s graduates with a deep understanding of teenage psychology and physiology, enabling you to effectively teach mindful yoga to teens.

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    Our TeenYoga Course gradutes are a community of highly skilled and motivated providers of yoga and mindfulness classes to teenagers. Find a teacher near you via our teacher directory.

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Welcome to TeenYoga!

TeenYoga provides training enabling you to teach yoga and mindfulness to teens. TeenYoga is fully accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals and Independent Yoga Network established in 2004. It is an international course, with offices in Australia, Abu Dhabi and South Africa. There are bursaries available for the training, please enquire. The course is directed especially towards professionals working with this age group. We also tailor courses for groups according to your needs.

We support the charity TeenYoga Foundation, whose aim is to support optimal mental and physical well being in young people. View more on the Teen Yoga Course and download the prospectus here.

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We want schools to have a whole-school approach that makes talking about feelings, emotions and wellbeing as normal for pupils as talking about their physical bodies. That might include lessons taught as part of the PSHE curriculum, whole-school programmes such as mindfulness that become a normal part of the school day, role play in drama lessons, or offering meditation or yoga sessions.

Edward Timpson MP, Minister for Vulnerable Children and Families, mindfulness in schools debate, House of Commons, 6/9/16

Zen Challenge

What is it?

10am every day, we broadcast live from Facebook (reaching 3k followers) on our TeenYoga Mindfulness page.

The offering includes

1/  simple yoga for everyone to do at home.

2/ wellbeing tip (gargle with salt water, drink a little apple cider vinegar, self-massage, planting seeds…

3/ challenge: Yesterday – identify a vulnerable person living alone near you or in your virtual community Today – teach them over the phone how to access video conferencing on their phone or tablet (FaceTime, Skype, zoom) Tomorrow – have conversations with them, get them to teach you how to make soup, you teach them how to download games and play with them and so on.

Further down the line – helping with essential cleaning duties (eg cleaning doorknobs, teaching younger siblings about bacteria with the soap test….and so on.)

Then the young people are encouraged to take a photo (with parental consent) and post it to the Facebook Page and also to ask questions or for tips and eventually we hope to create a community. There will also be a Wellbeing Bingo- 6 in a row and you become the zen challenge champion of the day.

How you can help? Firstly, you can send the below information to your schools and contacts:

Every day, the Teen Yoga Foundation is offering some fun for teens on their facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TeenYogaMindfulness/) live and from the 30th of March from the Yoga in Schools you tube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW56cm0SXozQzVH3GNn6t8A?view_as=subscriber

We will be encouraging young people to move their bodies, while managing emotions with breath techniques, specially developed to help young people. We will also be sharing simple wellbeing techniques every day that are easy to follow and require no extra equipment.  Moreover, we encourage the young people to enter the #zenchallenge by helping out a vulnerable person.

When they have managed 6 zen challenges they win the champion award.

Please tune in at 10am every weekday to find out more. The session will last between 30 minutes to an hour and will be lead by insured, accredited and trained staff of the Teen Yoga Foundation, guided and supported by founder, Charlotta Martinus and intended to continue for as long as schools are shut.

To find out more, please check our facebook page above!

Thanks for supporting the charity which empowers young people through yoga.

If you would like to support the work of this charity, please donate here: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=jlbjsqOM8xTWxwnweLY4Tskv-nlghhs-2ZkdTwK-HMq3uThgqodxfaWPrvzSP-by6rHflW&country.x=GB&locale.x=

Secondly, you can also contact us to get involved by filming a 30-60 minute clip providing the above yoga, wellness tips and raising a challenge for the young people. Please email us at info@teenyoga.com if you would like to take part. 

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Help moving your classes online


Below I have written an outline for how to bring a class online and also a suggestion for a teen class – I am no expert but I thought it might be useful.

I will also be uploading short classes and videos on the Teen Yoga You Tube channel in the next few days and weeks. If anyone of you would like us to upload your videos there too, we are happy to do that, we have over 100 subscribers now.

All my love


GOING ONLINE for TY teachers

Teen Yoga You Tube Channel:

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Twitter Feed

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Over on You tube this morning at 10am youtube.com/channel/UCW56c…? join our #zenchallenge!

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Our impressive "Head of Yoga" Teenyoga graduate Steve showing off his peacock again!...

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The introduction of yoga to the teens of the UK is the best introduction to the whole journey of life I have seen in a long time. A wonderful inspiration.

Vicky, Yoga Teacher, London

Charlotta, the course lead and founder of TeenYoga is truly an inspiration. The great depth of her knowledge, insight and experience is far surpassed by her powerfully generous, honest and humble heart. Charlotta shares her vision with such contagious love, light and joy, that it ignites a fervent empathy for our current generation of adolescents. Leaving each of us eager to play our part in bringing about the revolution of sharing the liberating and nurturing gift of yoga. The TeenYoga training was life changing and life affirming, words could never do justice to the acute wisdom of the course tutors and students, and the unique and mighty intimacy we found in each other.

Naomi, Mental Health Worker, 2014

I am very excited about teaching yoga at the school where I am a classroom teacher. I can see how enormously beneficial yoga is going to be for the young people in my school, especially in the run up to exams when the pressure is enormous.

Emma, Secondary Teacher, Berkhamsted

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