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We are committed to improving the wellbeing of young people in the UK and across the globe. We provide schools, professionals and young people with the proven tools & benefits of yoga.


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A modern approach, using the ancient science of yoga

A lot of young people have problems with their mental health because they simply don’t know how to cope.

Yoga provides powerful ways of dealing with stress in their personal, family and social lives by teaching them simple techniques to reduce tension and increase calm in all situations.

Transforming, empowering, and engaging young people more fully in their personal lives, school and society.

Don’t just take our word for it, watch the video to see what people are saying.


We provide exceptionally high standards of training & CPD

You can expect to gain a deep understanding of teenage psychology and physiology, as well as therapeutic techniques for this age group enabling you to support & effectively share yoga with teens.

Speaking with Government

As well as our work promoting the benefits of yoga for young people in schools, a key aim is for it to be available throughout the education system as part of the curriculum so that it is available to all rather than something schools need specific extra funding for.

To this end we work to raise awareness in Parliament and other policy arenas of the benefits of yoga in education.


Impact through
research & evidence
since 2004

Though the experiential evidence is convincing, there is a lack of large-scale research evidence around the benefits of yoga for adolescents. One of the key aims of the Teen Yoga Foundation is to address this and since our inception we have been working with universities to support research in this area.

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Trusted & Accredited Worldwide

Teen Yoga provides training enabling you to share therapeutic yoga with teens. Teen Yoga is recognised and accredited globally. It is an international course, with representatives in Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Sweden. There are bursaries available for the training, please enquire. The course is directed especially towards professionals working with this age group. We also tailor courses for groups according to your needs.

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