TeenYoga Tutors

The TeenYoga Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Teens Course is taught by our 4 highly qualified and motivated trainers. Whether it is Charlotta, Helen, Sarah or Yvonne leading your course, you can be assured of the highest level of teaching, organisation and enthusiasm!

Charlotta Martinus


Charlotta started her professional life as a school teacher before going on to complete her degree in modern languages from UCL, and becoming a yoga teacher within the Sivananda tradition.

Charlotta started Teenyoga in 2004, supported and encouraged by Jo Manuel of the Special Yoga Foundation. Together with many colleagues within medicine, osteopathy, psychiatry and psychology as well as steeped in the yoga tradition, the TeenYoga course was born and developed in the subsequent years.

The main aim and mission of the research, training and work that is undertaken by TeenYoga is to alleviate suffering among young people in the UK.

TeenYoga now has 4 trained teachers who deliver the course worldwide and 500 alumni. The teachers below have been carefully selected to teach the TeenYoga course to an exceptional standard.


Helen Clare


Helen started on the path of her yoga journey 15 years ago, when she first tried yoga as a teenager. A journey that began with yoga as only a physical practice, has developed into a deep gratitude for all the additional spiritual, emotional and mental blessings that it brings. Having travelled the world and practised many styles of yoga with great teachers, Helen has found a love for a flowing vinyasa style, which makes up a large part of her personal practice alongside traditional Ashtanga.

Helen is passionate about the benefits of yoga to young people. A graduate of the TeenYoga Teacher Training Helen became one of our course tutors in 2014 and now teaches our TT in locations through out the UK as well as running regular TeenYoga summer camps in Cornwall.


Sarah O’Connor


Sarah has been teaching yoga for over twenty years and is a registered “yoga elder”.

She completed her later training with the BWY in 2005. Sarah’s drop in classes were replaced in 2012 with her yoga school; now with over 200 students. Her style is strong but adapted for a community based programme in which development is the key. The classes have an age range of 14-76 and the younger age group is visibly growing as we see and increase in mental health problems. She believes there is a need for well trained and compassionate yoga teachers is vital, to help humanity and our evolution to include mental and spiritual well-being.

Sarah has never stopped growing and improving as a yoga teacher and finds that the more she knows the wider the horizon of learning. She has worked and trained with many internationally recognized teachers such as Brigid Woods Kramer, Philip Xerri, Muz Murray, Simon Low, and Maarten Vermaase. She has developed her individual style of yoga which she teaches in her advanced teacher training school. The style ‘Mindflowyoga’ has been developed in a live classroom environment for over twenty years and combines indepth asana, energetic practices and yoga philosophy. The 500 hour course runs over 2 years and is mainly suitable for teachers wishing to work to a deeper level or advanced students wishing to find the boundaries of their practice.

She still works in the community on a daily basis. Sarah runs specialist Pranayama & Meditation courses for beginners & more experienced practitioners, and offers regular Saturday workshops on “Yoga of the Inner Path disciplines” – Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation, Yoga Nidra.

Sarah recently handed over her 9 year teaching of remedial and gentle yoga classes to other specialist teachers. These classes were based around aiding people recvering from long term illnesses, operations or with limited mobility. There have been classes for cancer survivors.

Until recently Sarah provided yoga on a secure psychiatric ward helping people with mental health disorders, which is hugely rewarding, these students are often experiencing relaxation for the first time in their life, and considered it to be a deeply moving teaching experience.

She has been running local teen yoga classes in schools since 2004 alongside specific classes for students wishing to cope with exam stress. She recently handed the running of these classes back to trained staff members within the schools themselves. As a mother of two adult children, 24 & 20, she sees the difficulties our teenage population have to deal with on a daily basis & the importance that yoga can play in their lives as a way to manage stress & emotional turbulence.


Yvonne Morey


Yvonne has practiced yoga for over 13 years, exploring many styles but most extensively Iyengar. Yvonne has worked as a counsellor in schools and community settings for 10 years working with some of the most vulnerable young people. In 2012 she decided she wanted to find a different way to work with young people, using yoga and mindfulness. This is when she met Charlotta Martinus. Yvonne went on to complete her teen yoga training and her yoga alliance TTC with Charlotta and has worked closely with her ever since. Yvonne brings together her experience as a counsellor and yogi to inform and inspire both young people and yoga teachers.

I can not recommend this course highly enough. It will give you all the tools you need to go out and teach yoga to teens. What’s so lovely is you will feel like you’ve become part of an incredibly supportive community. I met so many inspiring people.

Indira, London

Yesterday I went into a pupil referral unit with a small group of excluded year 11 kids. We did some breathing practice, sun salutation variations/tree/crow and a relaxation. The response – they LOVED it. One of them said it was heaven.

I have to say it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my yoga career to date. These kids SOOOO need to build their self esteem, feel valued and they all said they had never felt so relaxed. I feel really grateful to Charlotta Chandrika Martinus, Caron Lindley Carole Davies and Kerry Walters for the learning experience to get me here. THANK YOU and may the TeenYoga community continue to motivate and inspire.

Alison Jennings, Wales

I’m so grateful to have found TeenYoga. I had been thinking of education, young people and yoga and this course made it all come together wonderfully. I also learned a lot about myself and completed this course with renewed energy. Thank you Charlotta, you are an amazing and inspiring teacher.

Yvonne, Yoga Teacher, London